Life used to be simple

Life was simple, when I was a boy.

The two of us remember our teenage years, as well as the two of us remember believing we could not wait to be in the adult times. It seemed like a perception of no responsibilities and all of the freedom that anyone could want. Adulthood just seemed like the best time at clubs, driving cars, and doing whatever you want with your money. Now that the two of us are aged, the two of us realized that adulthood is nothing but one responsibility after another. Life was simple when the two of us ring around the neighborhood all the time as well as only worried about the little things. My kids spend certainly multiple hours of the day complaining about the climate control. They hate to go outside for an hour during the summer, because they want to be inside where the cooling plan will keep their till she’s comfortable. I don’t remember much about my own childhood, other than walking in the creek as well as playing in the woods. I definitely remember my mom telling us to go outside as well as play, because we weren’t going to be running in as well as out of the house all day. We weren’t going to sit in front of the TV either. There were no video games back then as well as personal gaming systems. When you had to go outside to play, you had to go outside. These days, the kids don’t want to leave the climate control area to explore or hike.

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