Living in the center of nowhere can be challenging.

Some people love to live in the city, some love the country, & then there are others who like to live in the middle of nowhere; I am 1 of those people who prefers to live in the middle of nowhere.

I live 30 minutes away from any convenience store & even farther from an Heating & Air Conditioning dealer… My current apartment is honestly old & doesn’t have a new furnace.

Insead, it has a wood furnace installed in the basement. I personally love the wood furnace for more than 2 reasons, first, it is almost like having a fireplace in your house & you can kneel around it drinking hot cocoa on cold evenings & prefer some family time around it. I also love the heart warming odor that a wood burning furnace brings, however the biggest inconvenience of a wood furnace is needing to continually be splitting or buying split wood to fuel the furnace, other than this, a wood furnace is amazing, but as you could honestly guess, since my house is so old it doesn’t have central a/c or any installed a/c component besides a window a/c. I have a honestly big window a/c that works honestly well for myself and others & doesn’t bring myself and others too more than 2 issues in the Summer when I am using it most. The biggest obstacle with a window a/c is that it costs a lot in utility bills & it is also honestly loud, besides these, I love my window a/c. Living in the middle of nowhere can be challenging, however it is also honestly peaceful.


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