Living in the country and having a fireplace

I personally prefer living in the sticks.

If you don’t suppose what I mean by that, it means living pretty much in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees, nature and forests, but wanting to get away from the crucial city and every day official stress of the proper world is what forced myself and others to move all the way over here.

There are many benefits to living way out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature. The peace and quiet, less stress, and the fact that you are just a short walk away from going fishing whenever you want, and one of the disadvantages is, that it is pretty hard to get any kind of heating and A/C company out here. If you have a central HVAC system, and something were to go wrong, chances are, you’ll be waiting a few days to maybe a few weeks before they can entirely get an HVAC worker out to help you. To reduce the risk of this in the Winter time for me, I got myself an electric fireplace, then by having the electric fireplace, I am able to heat our small little condo completely without having to use our central oil furnace at all! The only time I even run our central HVAC system is either when I go to bed at night, or, in the Summer months when I need to run the A/C. I have tried a portable A/C unit to try to upgrade that, however it just wasn’t enough. But, that fireplace sure does the job heating our home!


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