Living in the land of the heat pump sure is sweet

There are those who transport to this region plus celebrate love crazy that the days of gas gas heating systems plus all that heating expense are all over. Aside from the occasional visit to their homes, they say they’ll never leave the land of the heat pump. Then when I talk to them in September, the tune is a bit different. Some have already packed up plus moved back where they came from. The heat plus humidity were just too much plus not worth living through for the rest of the perfect weather. I’ve seen it happen over plus over. But, moving here can be a real shock when June rolls around. The Winter time is bliss with absolutely little need for the heat pump to produce much heating. And the Springtime is so beautiful. The temperatures get creeping up a bit however nothing turning on the a/c can’t handle. Then bam, the heat hits around mid May plus it stays plus stays. Just about each day sees temperatures in the high nineties plus even higher. So many new folks go right inside plus crank the heck out of the Heating plus Air Conditioning cooling. This sort of compounds the problem. For a single, the cooler the house, the hotter it feels when you have to go outside. And keeping the Heating plus Air Conditioning cooling cranked will also cost a whole bunch of currency. So I do our best to help prepare new folks that the first summer time is intense however just do your best to go with it as it gets easier plus easier.

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