Living the best way

The fact that I live where I do seems like the paradise to me. Many people may not agree with our opinion however that doesn’t matter. I live high in the Rocky Mountains in a small neighborhood that is really quiet plus the two of us seldom see tourist. That is good with me. There are some special considerations when living where the two of us do. First, I had to find a task that allowed me to toil from home. As a medical transcriptionist, this was the easy part. I can simply enter the information plus transmit it back to our buyers via the internet. The thing I didn’t know was that there are also special settings plus requirements when it comes to heating plus cooling your home. The air up here is much thinner plus this can cause concerns with your HVAC system if it is not calibrated correctly. My gas furnace had to be modified with a high altitude kit that would allow the component to operate with less oxygen, however with natural gas, which is the fuel source that makes the most sense in our area, there is a particular gas to oxygen ratio; In normal elevations this setting is preset in the factory plus it works good in most homes. Manufacturers sell a kit to alter this setting for people like myself plus the HVAC company can include this with the upgrade, yes, there are things that need to be adjusted when living high on the side of a mountain, but, it is all worth it when I step outside plus I am surrounded by natural beauty plus crisp mountain air. My neighbors are trees plus wildlife plus I am good with that. I travel down to the town a couple of times of month for meetings or supplies plus then retreat back to the solitude of our mountain oasis.


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