Living with the flu

When my husband got sick with the flu last month, it really took a toll on us. He was out of work sick for an entire week, and he felt just terrible. He told me at one point to go ahead and call our lawyer because he wanted to make out his last will and testament. That’s right, he was just sure that the flu was so bad that it was going to kill him! Well, it didn’t end up killing him after all, but it certainly did do a number on our heating and air conditioning bills for the month. See, my husband just couldn’t seem to get warm, no matter what he did. I brought him heating pads, gave him hot chicken soup, made him hot tea, you name it. Nothing I did was warming him up. So I put him next to our gas fireplace and turned it on. He said that it helped for a few minutes, but nothing was really heating him up for long. I was trying to avoid turning our thermostat up since it was already spring of the year and I didn’t want to turn the furnace back on, but I finally resorted to adjusting the thermostat. My husband was so happy when the furnace kicked on and the heated air started flowing out of the heating vents. He said that he’d never felt so warm and toasty in his life. I think he is just a little bit dramatic, but I’m glad that he lived through the flu, even though our heating bill was pretty darn high last month!

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