Locker rooms at gym force me to quit

I quit the local gym near me due to the locker rooms.

The locker room was completely disgusting.

The toilets tended to leak water all over the floor. The doors of the gym lockers wouldn’t close properly and often had litter inside. The shower had insufficient water pressure and mold growth in the corners. I needed to bring along a towel from home since there were never any clean ones available. When I was required to wear flip flops everywhere and carry my own toilet paper to the gym, I knew I had to give up my membership. I now drive an extra thirty minutes to use a nicer gym. The time wasted on driving a bummer. I give up an hour just in travel time. The fitness center offers much better accommodations. The locker rooms are cleaned twice per day. There is always a plentiful supply of freshly laundered towels available. The toilets and shower sparkle and smell like cleaner whenever I utilize the facility. I am not concerned about getting toe fungus, athletes feet or getting feet from leaking water. The actual gym offers a lot of modern equipment. There is every type of fitness gear I could possibly want to use. The gym includes both personal training and group fitness classes. I had the opportunity to take yoga, pilates, spin class or even take part in cross fit if I wanted. Whenever I start feeling aggravated over the longer drive, I start tallying up the advantages of this location. I get a much better workout, more enjoyment and knowing the facility is always clean and up-to-date, makes it worth the drive. At the old gym, I never got my money out of the membership.

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