Looking for an office space to rent

When my sister started our consulting business, we knew we would need to have an office to work out of.

We started looking for business office rentals in all the greater areas around where the two of us lived.

It soon came to our attention that there weren’t a lot of business office rentals that we could afford. We wanted to have enough room where we had an office for both of us and a reception area for the receptionist. We were already booking business, and it wouldn’t look professional if we had to entertain potential customers from our home. We continued to peruse the newspapers, hoping to find the perfect business office space. I couldn’t believe it when I got a phone call from our soon-to-be secretary. She said she had just seen a business office rental ad, online. She gave us the phone number and the address, I made the phone call. I wanted to set up our walk-through for a day when none of us had anything to do. We finally found a date that worked for all of us, and the two of us set up the appointment. I wasn’t happy with the grey: the walls were painted, however the realtor assured us we could paint it whatever color we wanted. We were happy with the two bathrooms that were in the office space, and the amount of space we had for filing cabinets, desks and chairs. I knew we had a good secretary, however her finding this business office rentals, showed us how important she was going to be to our business.

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