Looking for my dream man

I was looking to get my gas furnace cleaned, a couple weeks ago.

I suppose I found more than a competent HVAC specialist.

When she left my home, she provided myself and others her supplier card & provided myself and others her cellphone number on the back. I couldn’t guess that she wanted myself and others to call him. I couldn’t pick up the cellphone. I didn’t want him to suppose I was forward. It wasn’t the right thing for a lady to do. A week after she was at my house, I called the HVAC company. I told them that i would prefer to talk to the lady who had worked on my gas furnace. They said she was a repair call, however they would have him call myself and others on her work cellphone… I thanked them & abruptly hung up, embarrassed for trying to call a lady An hour later, my cellphone rang. It was the HVAC specialist. She asked if there was a concern with my gas furnace & I had to admit that I hadn’t even turned the gas furnace on yet. I could almost hear him smile & she asked why I hadn’t called. I told him I was brought up to not be that forward. She told myself and others it was okay to call since she had already called me. I had to laugh at that logic. She was at her next HVAC customer’s apartment & she had to hang up. An hour later, my cellphone rang again. She said she had ten hours to pass while she drove to her next HVAC inspection & she thought she would ask myself and others for supper..


Air conditioning repair