Looks care about I’m building a man-cave with Heating & Air Conditioning and soundproofing

Something I was a little bit aggravated about was the fact that our fiance would get mad when I would blast our tunes, then she would always tell me to put on some headphones, despite the fact that I number one to certainly guess the tunes with the bass and everything, and it’s all about wonderful vibrations baby! So I decided that I would clear out the garage and soundproof it.

I also called up the Heating & Air Conditioning company so they could help me install a comfortable Heating & Air Conditioning system in there, however the garage didn’t have any heating or cooling before, and the Heating & Air Conditioning company recommended that I go with a single-chop Heating & Air Conditioning system; She said it wouldn’t require any ductwork and it would work wonderful for heating and cooling the garage to the perfect comfort levels.

She asked if I was trying to make a man-cave, and I said it was mainly for blasting our tunes, but yes, it could be considered a man-cave. I said that our fiance always got irritated when I would crank up our tunes, and I couldn’t go on without blasting the tunes the way I loved so much. I showed him our tunes collection, and she was impressed. She said she wished she could hang out with the tunes blasting. It’s funny, I offered him our number so we could hang out when I got everything completed. She even offered me additional ideas so I could add more to the ‘man-cave’. I ended up setting up a mini-bar along with a pool table. It’s certainly coming along rather nicely, and I love that I can crank up the tunes as loud as I want without frightening our fiance or the neighbors!



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