Looks love I’m building a man-cave with Heating plus Air Conditioning plus soundproofing

Something I was a little bit frustrated about was the fact that my partner would get mad when I would blast my rock n roll, she would constantly tell myself and others to put on some headphones, although I preferred to absolutely feel the rock n roll with the bass plus everything, it’s all about wonderful vibrations baby! So I decided that I would clear out the garage plus soundproof it.

I also called up the Heating plus Air Conditioning company so they could help myself and others install a comfortable Heating plus Air Conditioning method in there, and the garage didn’t have any heating or cooling before, plus the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist advocated that I go with a single-split Heating plus Air Conditioning system! He said it wouldn’t require any HVAC duct plus it would work good for heating plus cooling the garage to the perfect comfort levels.

He asked if I was trying to make a man-cave, plus I said it was mainly for blasting my rock n roll, however yep, it could be considered a man-cave. I said that my partner constantly got angry when I would crank up my rock n roll, plus I couldn’t go on without blasting the rock n roll the way I enjoyed so much. I showed him my rock n roll collection, plus he was impressed. He said he wished he could hang out with the rock n roll blasting. It’s funny, I provided him my number so all of us could hang out when I got everything completed. He even provided myself and others additional ideas so I could add more to the ‘man-cave’. I ended up setting up a mini-bar along with a pool table. It’s actually coming along rather nicely, plus I love that I can crank up the rock n roll as loud as I want without horrifying my partner or the neighbors!

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