Lost and found

A couple weeks ago, every one of us had the chimney sweep out to wash the chimney.

Two days later she called to see if I had found her watch.

I told him I didn’t & after that I thought about when she got her arm caught in the chimney. I looked on the grates & there it was, behind the grates. I was glad I thought to look into the fireplace, & I told him where it was when I called him back. When the HVAC company representative showed up to wash the gas furnace before winter, I checked her wrists to make sure she didn’t have a watch on. I didn’t want to have a watch floating in our gas furnace anywhere. I told him my story about the chimney sweep & she told myself and others that they never wore jewelry when they are working. They leave all watches & ring locked in their lockers at work. I told him it was nice to believe that some women where their ceremony rings & she told myself and others she wasn’t married anymore. I had to smile & I told him I would be back to check on him. I was fixing supper, & I already had the roast in the oven. The HVAC tech came upstairs & sniffed appreciatively at the roast. She told myself and others she was lost after the divorce, however she was great now. I felt prefer I had found a real chance in this HVAC tech so I asked him for supper. She told myself and others she had work to do, & she provided myself and others her card. She already knew my name & my address. She wrote her personal cellphone number on her supplier card with a message in all capitals, to call him.


HVAC supplier