Love at first sight

This past week, my old gas heating system broke down plus I had to have an Heating and A/C professional come out to fix it, however i wouldn’t have distraught about it so much or called the heating plus cooling contractor so abruptly if the weather hadn’t been all that bad to my suprise. The temperatures were floating in the twenties plus the forecast was calling for things to begin cooling off even more. I knew that I wouldn’t last in my lake house certainly long without some type of heating, and I knew that my seasoned wood burning fireplace wasn’t going to do the trick; So I messaged the Heating and A/C contractor plus asked them to send someone out as soon as possible to fix my gas heating system, and well, little did I know that the Heating and A/C professional that they were going to send to my house was going to be my dream person! This Heating and A/C professional was super smart about heating and cooling, she knew exactly what to do to get my heating system up and running once more, plus she didn’t even charge myself and others as much as she should have. I think she felt sorry for myself and others because she could tell how freezing I was! Perhaps the fireplace with the crackling fire burning made him think all generous and extremely passionate. Whatever the reason, she was super sweet plus I liked him instantaneously. Due to the fact that I was her last heating system appointment for the morning plus she was done laboring, I asked him to stay for brunch that night. We had the best time plus now I’m pretty much in love with my Heating and A/C professional.


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