Love has always been a battlefield for me

You know the saying love is a battlefield? Well, that seems to have always been the case with me until I met my wife.

I had some really crazy relationships in the past.

I even had a few stalker exes that would follow me all around the area. I remember this one ex of mine ended up breaking into my house when I was sleeping, and she broke my new smart thermostat. I was pretty upset about that but I just wanted her to leave me alone. I ended up getting a restraining order. I had one ex end up breaking my favorite Buffalo Bills mug and that was very upsetting. Then there were a bunch of old girlfriends I had who could never agree with the temperature control settings with me. We would always be fighting and I remember how stupid it always seemed. I realized that I needed somebody who I could truly relate to. Then I met this awesome young lady who was basically in sync with me. We both enjoyed the same temperature control settings, we both wanted to invest in a home together instead of renting, and we both thought it would be great to have a family eventually. She was not crazy like all the crazy exes I had in the past. She would never think about breaking a smart thermostat. She thought that was such a waste when she heard about that. Those smart thermostats are expensive, but they save you a lot of money on the energy bills. Well, she was a Buffalo Bills fan and ended up getting me a new Buffalo Bills mug just like the one I had and we went to the games together to cheer on our team.

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