Made for a life of sales.

As far back as I can remember I have been interested in some sort of SEO job, however even when I was a teenager I would go door-to-door selling magazine subscriptions to gain extra money for the Summer and by the time I graduated High School I had enough money saved up for our first semester. I started out our school job thinking I was going to gain a degree in accounting but soon l acquired that I had no interest in the finance world. I did but have a head for company and knew that I wanted to pursue a job in some sort of sales. Little did I guess that I would end up laboring in a SEO department creating sales campaigns instead of talking to shoppers directly. I took a few courses in graphic design and SEO strategies which enabled mean to land a task with a local HVAC dealer! The business is crucial enough that they need to employ a full staff of salespeople and I am responsible for creating the best campaign possible to help them with their task… Part of our task is knowing about the latest technology that is coming out with regards to Heating and Cooling a customer’s home. I am designing ad campaigns that will come out 6 months down the line so I need to be prepared with the information needed, my number one section of the task is traveling to conventions and studying about this technology first hand. It is simple to get happy about something new if you have experienced it yourself and it this helps me with the ideas I need. The world of HVAC technology may not be exciting to most people but when it comes to the new automation of these systems their capabilities are simply amazing.

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