Maintenance plans and car insurance

You know, the value of a dollar is something you can never truly grasp. While we’re all entitled to our guilty pleasures (assuming we can afford them), the considerations of how that money could be more appropriately spent are often enough to make you second-guess yourself. My habit used to be drinking caffeinated energy drinks, but then it hit me – why spend up to five dollars a day on something that you don’t feel for more than an hour? So, I coached myself to dedicate that money elsewhere – ideally, into an HVAC maintenance plan. One of the best decisions I’ve made with my finances, the HVAC maintenance plan covers the cost of quarterly tune-ups for the year. This means I get a heating and A/C maintenance technician to come out to my house and get my system in gear, at no additional charge. That might sound like I’m essentially just pre-paying for HVAC system repairs, but the reality of the savings is definitely there. By having an HVAC service technician come to my home each season, they’re able to also catch any issues before they turn into major problems. Plus, having the HVAC service technician drop by each season means that my heating and air conditioning units are always in the best shape! I don’t see how anyone can lose by getting an HVAC maintenance plan for their home, as everyone benefits from this kind of program.

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