Making a good deal with the HVAC business

Trying to strike a deal on anything is something that I am truly amazing at.

Either when buying or selling products… I do both… Just the other day, I was trying to purchase a truly new central heating plus A/C device from an independent Heating & A/C business in my area that had an overstock.

In the beginning, they were attempting to charge me way more than what I wanted to pay for the central heating plus A/C device. After all, this was not something that included the upgrade of the Heating & A/C unit! I was just trying to purchase the heating plus A/C device itself plus then have the local heating plus A/C system business send out a certified heating plus cooling specialist to do the actual upgrade of the central Heating & A/C device! After doing some serious price haggling for over an hour with the Heating & A/C dealer, we finally agreed on a price that we figured was honorable enough. So at the end of the day, I was pleased plus the heating plus A/C device business was glad as well. I had the certified heat plus air conditioning device specialist from the local heating plus cooling business come out a few days later to install the central heating plus A/C device component I had just purchased at a rather nice price from the other Heating & A/C dealer. When I told the Heating & A/C specialist the amount I paid for it, he was entirely shocked I got it for so cheap! I simply explained to him that I am just that superb at making deals.


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