Making for a bad reaction

They had someone at the home within a few fourths and the furnace was repaired

Upon arrival at our sister’s home the two of us were instantly shocked at the temperature of the house. Thankfully there was a fire in the fireplace and I headed over there to try and stay warm. Now, I should say that our sister and her life partner are a bit odd. They live a entirely “natural” life and have troubles depending on anything that the, “government”, controls. I thought that maybe they had decided that paying the giant utility corporations to heat their home. I didn’t want to be rude and say that the home was entirely chilly however I didn’t have much of a choice. When she showed me to our room I had to say something. I didn’t want to spend the night in a chilly chilly room. She said that the furnace was broken and they had been able to find anyone to repair it yet, but she said that they purchased a space heating system that the two of us could use in the meantime and she had extra blanket too. I gave to have our fiance at least take a look at it. He asked them to turn the heat up so he could see if it did anything at all. She went up and adjusted the thermostat so that the furnace would try and kick on. Within fourths there was smoke coming from the electrical box followed by a loud “Bang”! I yelled for her to turn it off and knew that there was a greater problem than our fiance could fix. Not only was the furnace entirely shot, but, it seemed that it was a fire hazard too. We went upstairs and I used our Smartphone to find an HVAC supplier that was open. Perhaps if our sister believed in using current technology she would have found a single as fast as I did. They had someone at the home within a few fourths and the furnace was repaired. Thank goodness because after that scare, being chilly was the least of our concerns.


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