Making honey

I actually own a rental dwelling with  4 units. Three of those have great leaseholders… I never hear from them much, they pay on time as well as they don’t cause any complications with each other. The one leaseholder Nadine is the greatest pain! She always is late on rent, making too much noise as well as she calls me all of the time for the most stupid things. She will truthfully call me if her toilet is obstructed, but get a plunger as well as take it on yourself! Because she has cried wolf far too often, when she called me about a bee infestation, I just ignored her altogether. I told her to get spray as well as spray the nest if it was such a horrible problem. I then proceeded to ignore the calls talking about the bees. It wasn’t until my other leaseholders called about hearing a loud humming noise from Nadine’s place that I knew something was seriously wrong. When I arrived to her apartment, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was a pretty huge swarm of bees, not just a single nest. There were so many bees leading to the apartment, I don’t really know for certain how she managed to get inside. I instantly called a bee eradication as well as rescue team to come in as well as get rid of the problem. They arrived that same hour because of the state of emergency. I felt so terrible for Nadine hiding in that apartment. It took all day, but the bee exterminator was finally able to get the nests out of her venue safely. I am hoping she will learn her lesson on what is an important call as well as what is not so this does not happen again in the future.