Making it my goal to lose weight

Once a year, I make a New Year’s goal to cut some weight plus get in better shape.

I usually stick with it for a few weeks before giving up and going back to our old ways.

I’ve tried all of the exercise plus diet crazes, even though I disliked them plus couldn’t sustain them. I joined a gym and eventually stopped showing up. I didn’t really understand how to consistently use most of the exercise gear and felt intimidated by the other gym goers who are in such good shape. This past year, though, I signed up with a personal trainer and that made all the difference. The personal trainer sat down with me and discussed my weight loss goals. The people I was with and I talked about what I always eat during the morning plus my triggers for snacking. Along with the training sessions, she insisted that I meet with a nutritionist. The personal trainer plus nutritionist have proved to be the reasons for my success. I know it’s because they customized the approach to suit me and they hold me accountable. I know that at each session, I’m going to get put on a scale, BMI tested plus asked what I’ve been eating plus done for physical interest. The nutritionist has me eating tons of vegetables, fruits plus nuts. The personal trainer encourages me to be active in between our training sessions. I’ve been running, biking, hiking plus even swimming for a time. My trainer has me do some jumps, lunges, squats plus ab workouts. I work with resistance bands, free weights, weighted poles plus wobble boards. She even puts me in an obstacle course.


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