Making my little business get noticed with online advertising

I have been an HVAC contractor for over twenty years. I began as a worker at a big corporation and eventually worked up to owning my own small HVAC company. As times have changed over the years, growing the business has gotten more difficult. Everybody requires some form of heating and cooling. More people are willing to pay to have HVAC service and repairs completed by a licensed profession. The challenge is getting my name out there and remaining ahead of the competition. There are more companies to compete with. In order to ensure my little company stands above the rest, I invested in digital advertising. I consult with an SEO corporation each month to make sure that my company’s website ranks as high as possible on google. The SEO team has focused on keywords such as heating, cooling, HVAC repair and maintenance. When someone types those keywords into google, my little HVAC company pops up for their local area. I have considered using search engine advertising, which is where I would pay for ads on google. My business would be featured at the top of the page once the keywords were typed. The issue is that every time someone clicks on the ad, I would pay a fee. For nowm the SEO strategies are promoting enough business. I don’t need to depend on pay per click, and can just let the team handle my needs. I have expanded into facebook and twitter for my company as well. Being on social media platforms spreads my name. People see us in other places beyond google. My company has been doing better since I invested in online advertising techniques.
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