Making Some Salmon, Potatoes, and Eggs for Breakfast

The older I get the more I love to cook.

I think I have more patience now and cooking seems to be certainly cathartic for myself and others so I do it quite often. I am only cooking for myself now as our girlfriend and I have parted ways, but it is still nice doing so and I really love eating at home and saving the currency, and the calories. I think they use a lot of fat and salt when they cook in diners so it is just better for our health to eat at home I’m going to clean our air duct today and see if I can get a heating rep out here to take a look at the central heating component as it has been acting a bit different with these funny sounds it’s been making. I think they are quite slow now so if they have to do a repair call it will be quite fast and cheap to do so. I was going to try and do it myself because I am a certified Heating and A/C specialist but our workload has been certainly heavy so I think having them do it would be good for our stress levels. I am also trying to get our info input into the IRS website but it has been difficult seeing that I am residing overseas. I would love to get a new space furnace too because our office gets really cold in the Wintertide and I don’t love to run the central heat all of the time so I can save some energy bills.

Heat pump installation