Mattresses in different sizes

As a house decorator our entire work depends on making you blissful.

I can’t even tell you how crazy some of their requests can be and I undoubtedly have to scramble to make some of them happen.

Thank goodness I have several connections in the furniture manufacturing business and they are able to create some of the custom pieces that I need. Whether our purchaser wants a zebra striped couch or an antique replica for their dining table I suppose at least a single person who can accommodate them. The only thing that I have not been able to customize so far is the size of a bed. Mattresses come in standard sizes so the framework and such must meet those certainations. I assume that if cash were not an option someone could have even that custom made although I would never recommend it for a customer. It just doesn’t make sense because almost everyone upgrade their mattress every more than nine years or so and they would have to pay that hefty charge each time after the initial purchase. You can make a single of the standard sizes fit in just about any space if you downsize the other pieces in the room. You can have a custom dresser with slimer drawers, make eveningstands that float on the wall to save floor space and even create lavish storage under the bed to eliminate the need for other pieces all together. This is the advice I always supply when someone asks me for a custom bed. It has worked so far and our clients are always blissful with the end results.
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