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My wife and I recently moved into our new residence. Everything from the house’s structure to the plumbing, electrical amenities, and household appliances were brand new. It was the first time my family had designed and built a house ourselves. We selected the electrician, architect, plumber, HVAC technician, and so on.  Over the five months of construction, we were met with some disadvantages. While the HVAC replacement was fast and simple, and there seemed to be no issues, appearances were deceptive. We had requested a classic central heating and air system that was supposed to be the best option around. While that may have been accurate, the installers messed up part of the replacement process. After less than a year, my husband and I noticed our HVAC system was malfunctioning. One tepid summer afternoon, the air conditioning stopped completely. Upon investigation, I noticed that the HVAC system had tripped the circuit breaker. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but then the following afternoon it occurred again, only this time the air conditioning didn’t turn on at all. The HVAC system appeared completely dead. Plus, there was also a slight burning scent wafting in the air. The next day my husband and called the HVAC company that installed the HVAC system. We discovered that our current HVAC’s wiring had been installed poorly. Apparently, the installer had conducted a half-hearted installment. A single wire had burned, fraying until the system’s electricity was completely cut off. The HVAC company that sent the technician to fix our problem was the same one that sent out the initial installer, so the company assured us that the original installer would receive discipline for her carelessness.

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