Meal plan combined with training for weight loss

The addition of healthy eating habits made all the difference.

I think I’ve tried every fad diet that’s been popular over the last five years. I’ve never had any success with them. I became very frustrated with my attempts at weight loss. I then came across a meal delivery service targeted at health and fitness. They offer a thirty day challenge that is designed to boost weight loss through portion controlled eating. The idea is to develop a healthier relationship with foods, see quick results right at the start and get further motivated to continue. The process was extremely simple, convenient and affordable. I handled everything online. I contacted the company, filled out all the information and placed my order. I was then emailed by a lifestyle coach who helped me make food choices for the first week. This customized method ensured that I targeted my specific goals and requirements. I was thrilled to discover that along with a healthy nutritional diet plan, I also had access to a training program. To get fit and live a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet as well as physical activity are necessary. I was partnered with a trainer who provided the guidance and support to achieve my target weight. He took into consideration my strengths, weaknesses, concerns and long-term objectives. Everything from the meals and the exercises were customized to suit me. The benefits of the lifestyle coach have been invaluable. He has encouraged my efforts and held me accountable. The addition of healthy eating habits made all the difference. The meal plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire week and the menu offers a wide selection. I don’t need to worry about figuring out how to prepare low-calorie, well-balanced meals or debate over the size of my portions. Everything is provided.


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