Men and women like to work different muscles

Men and women are built totally different. Due to this, we have to work out differently. Men tend to focus more on the upper body since it is easier for them and it is the muscles they like to build. Men in fitness centers will hit the weight lifting section most of the time. They will bench press to build arms, shoulders and back muscles. Typically a man will have very undeveloped legs because they neglect them and hate doing leg exercises. Women are the opposite however. Ladies tend to carry more muscles in their legs and butts. So the women focus all on that area or do cardio. It is rare to see a woman lift weights and work on shoulder muscles. I make it a point to work out with my brothers and cousin once a week. It is three guys and I am the only girl. We like to create work out stations and rotate. The men of course pick something upper body oriented. I am forced to do punching drills on heavy bags. I also do a lot of push ups and even use kettlebells. I always make one station all about the legs. I have the guys do squats, frog jumps or even do leg holds. The men complain bitterly about doing a leg exercise for two minutes. I do three times the amount of arm work and I don’t ever complain. It is good for all of us to try something different and work muscles that we like to neglect. I don’t want man arms, but I would like to be toned.

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