Mini split HVAC was the right call for us

There are just some time in this life where for all the structure we cling to, there is a random amount of change that we all must deal with. I don’t do well with change. Knowing what I’m doing and being able to stick to a routine are fundamental to my being able to manage life. I wish I could be one of those people who can completely compartmentalize each aspect of their lives. I would love to relax on my couch in the HVAC comfort of my home and not have thoughts about my work. The converse is also true. I find my productivity declines when I have issues at home. It’s just hard for me to get my mind off my family stuff while at work. However, I have managed my best for a number of decades with some measure of success. I have a wonderful family and our prospects are pretty good. But, I am facing one of the most intense changes of my entire life. My youngest child is preparing to leave for college in the coming months. Added to that is the fact that my wife and I decided to put the house on the market as well. The thinking was that we could avoid all the empty nest stuff by starting a new chapter in our life. We have been drawing up plans for a much smaller home that will require quite a bit of downsizing for the both of us. We have made one key decision though. Our HVAC choice will be to install ductless mini split units throughout the house. This will cut down on HVAC installation costs and allow us to more efficiently heat and cool the new home.


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