More window units than central air up North

I live in the South & it is necessary to have central air conditioner here, the only time it is cool enough to have your windows open is in the Wintertide & section of the Springtime, sporadically you will need to put the heat on in the winter, however it is rare… Central air conditioner is easily crucial to have for most of the year due to the heat & the humidity; My neighbor & I drove from the South to the North to visit his family, i was amazed at how cool & dry the Summer weather was up North, and every one of us sat outside without perspiring & feeling overheated which was so nice.

I noticed that his modern home had central heat however did not have central air conditioner; His parent’s room had a window air conditioning system component however his room did not… At first I was concerned because I typically keep my air conditioner on at evening to keep myself comfortable while I’m sleeping.

I noticed that his modern home felt easily cool at evening without air conditioner on. It was about 60 degrees or even a little lower outside & even with windows closed it felt easily cool inside. She said that growing up sometimes it got overheated in his room at evening while in the summer, although he would either put a fan on or slept in the room in the basement where it was cooler. His parents felt that they saved money by using the window air conditioning system component only when necessary, rather than having central air conditioner on all of the time in the summer.

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