Most of our clients didn’t own a laptop

25 years ago when we started our repair company, the internet was just getting started.

Our clients didn’t own a laptop and they didn’t search online when they were looking for a repair dealer.

Times have honestly changed. We want to retire in a decade and leave the company to our kids, but that means making changes now. We have seen a serious decline in sales. We knew some of that was due to our lack of online presence. The company didn’t have a website and was nowhere in sight when people searched online for a repair dealer. In the start that didn’t matter, however as more and more people got the internet, we’ve seen a serious decline in sales. About a month ago we went to a company seminar and met a girl that works on website building and search engine optimization services. We talked about our heating and A/C repair company and the girl agreed to help us on a project. We settled on the terms for the project and the girl delivered a brand-new website for our company a month later. After the website was online, we had to start optimizing the website by including keywords and information for the search engine to find. This took some time and we had a lot of trial plus error. Thankfully, we are patient people. Now that the website is up and running, plus we have the website optimized for the search engines, we see biweekly traffic flow numbers that are promising.