Mother decorated the home like a hacienda and I hate it

When mom and dad moved into a condo, I got their house.

The home was built less than ten years ago and still in good shape. I was really thrilled since I had been living in an apartment. However, I had not seen the house in awhile. When I finally got into the house, I saw that my mom and dad had made some upgrades to it since I last saw it. Right before buying the condo, my mother made a change to the overall design. She worked with an interior designer and decided on a theme for the home. The theme is very southwestern looking. I am not a fan of this style We are located in the northeast. The colors belong in a hacienda. The patterns look like Mexican blankets The dining room chairs are done in a dark brown. The couch looks like it’s wearing a horse blanket and has these shiny brown pillows. They are uncomfortable. There is also artwork all over the walls. The southwestern style is not right for me at all. I don’t like the look of the furniture, patterns or fabrics in the house. I was not sure how to change the look of the home into something I’d like. I called the very same interior designer my mother used. I explained that I was unhappy with the current style of the home and was anxious to change it. I am now in the process of switching everything over to a traditional interior design. The woman is very helpful and making the process affordable. The curtains and pillows were the first to go. The couch will be recovered. I’ve invested in new sheets and quilts for the beds. All the furniture will remain. It was custom built and is high quality. I can change the fabric of the upholstery. It will look much better in the end.

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