Moving a toilet

I am a giant renovation person, but i just enjoy gutting a room, making it better and buying things for it.

  • I make good currency at work and I entirely enjoy spending currency on my house! So far I have renovated my master powder room and kitchen, my main powder room is entirely the last room to go.

I have already gotten smarter with renovations. I keep all the information about things I like. So for this powder room I already have the toilet, sink, faucet and tile. I also have an electrician to install my powder room ventilation! Right now what I need is a plumbing service near me. I haven’t needed to hire a plumber just yet, but now I do. I looked at the layout of my powder room and the toilet is in a exhausting spot. I entirely need it to move to another corner of the powder room. I looked online and moving a toilet isn’t straight-forward, you can turn a toilet quite easily, but moving it requires messing with the drainage to the septic system. I entirely don’t want my husband doing this kind of work. I know enjoy there is entirely a choice something major could go wrong, then the concern I am facing is that there are no plumbers near me. The closet plumbers are about an hour away. I would need to pay extra to get them to drive here. I think it might be worth it though. I hate the toilet where it is currently and unless I get a plumber, it can’t be moved. I am prepared for a unquestionably heavy bill.


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