Moving south & house is equipped with a ductless heat pump

When our hubby & I moved south, the people I was with and I obtained a home equipped with a heat pump, coming from the far north, the people I was with and I had never heard of a heat pump, but we’d always relied on a natural gas gas furnace for heating & never bothered with air conditioning! Our weather didn’t require a whole-house cooling system! In our new location, the Wintertide weather is mild but still necessitates heating for a couple of months, then the Summer season is long, tepid & humid. I was doubtful that a system combining both heating & cooling would be reasonable to handle the year round demands. The heat pump, but, is absolutely charming. It works by simply moving existing heat from a single arena to another. Even in colder weather, there is reasonable ambient heat outdoors to supply the system. This process eliminates the combustion process, & there’s no worry over fumes, flames or byproducts such as carbon monoxide, however plus, the heat pump avoids redhouse gases, making it seriously environmentally friendly. In the summer, the system pulls heat out of the house to create a cooling effect. It’s more energy efficient than a conventional air conditioner & better at combating humidity. It keeps our bi-weekly utility costs low & provides exceptional comfort & indoor air pollen levels. The heat pump operates quietly & with annual maintenance, is unquestionably reliable, then because it’s a fairly new model, it includes stretchy speed technology which provides for longer run times at lower speeds & achieves more even hot & cold temperatures. We’re also lucky enough to have wireless attachivity, allowing us to make adjustments via our smartphones from virtually anywhere.
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