My air purification system helped with my allergies

Instead, he recommended that I purchase an air purification system

I didn’t think that anything could help me with my allergies! I have terrible allergies. I think that it is so stupid that I happened to be born with an allergy to pollen. Pollen is a necessary product of this world, and we could never have plants or fruit without them. However, whenever spring arrives, I feel like I am literally dying. Usually, it helps when I go inside, but lately, I have been struggling with my allergies even when I am inside. That is why I am thankful that my HVAC technician reached out and helped me with my allergies. I was trying to contact him about the air filter in my HVAC unit. When he came to my house, I explained that I wanted the best HEPA air filter installed in my house to help with my allergies. The HVAC technicians easily could have just sold me the air filter and left, but instead, he told me that I actually didn’t need a new air filter for my HVAC unit. I was already using a good air filter, but my HVAC units weren’t running because it was spring. Instead, he recommended that I purchase an air purification system. This air purification system would run all of the time regardless of my HVAC units, and the air filter in the air purification system was much more powerful than my air filter in the HVAC unit would be. Ever since I have installed the air purification system, I have felt so much better. I am so thankful for a great HVAC technician.



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