My air purification system must not be working

When I bought this air purification system, I was told that the air purification system would ensure that I never got sick. According to the HVAC technician that convinced me to purchase the air purification system, my HVAC unit wasn’t enough. Obviously, I had a HEPA air filter in my HVAC unit. I care about the air that I breathe, and with this viral pandemic that has been happening, it has never been more important to have clean air in your home. However, it is spring right now, and I rarely have my furnace or my central air conditioner turned on. Because of that, having an air purification system was supposed to be essential. The air purification system was supposed to run all of the time. It would completely filter out dust, dirt, pollutants, allergens, viruses, and bacteria. With this high-tech HVAC unit, I was told that I would never get sick again. Apparently, that sales pitch just turned out to be an exaggeration from the HVAC technician. I ended up getting sick, and my air purification system didn’t help at all. I guess that if I would have been using logic, I would have realized that my air purification system couldn’t prevent me from catching something when I wasn’t at home. I was out and about and caught the virus that I was trying to avoid. At first, I thought that my air purification system was broken. I thought that it was a ripoff from the HVAC technician. I guess that it was technically a ripoff, but I am sure that it will help in other ways.



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