My aroma issues

The warm pleasant scents of essential oils cannot be beat.

Candles, natural beeswax, and natural spruce have their pleasantries, but I can never get enough of the oils to satisfy my nose! My coworker gifted me a bottle of lemongrass last year, which started a chain reaction of buying more varieties of essential oils and a fancier oil diffuser.

The oil diffuser that I use now is usually left running near my air return for my Heating in addition to A/C system. I truly love allowing the air conditioning system to draw in the oil aromas in addition to help spread them out in my whole house. Sometimes, I do the same thing with fresh scented candles, like these new candles with wicks made from wood. Oh, what a pleasant scent! After I found a bunch of oils on clearance last Christmas, I left a bottle open on the table near the air return. The aroma spread out into my home via the air conditioner, embedding into my furniture, clothes and even the walls themselves. Now the house smells so clean and fresh all the time! I even went as far as brewing an extra pot the other day, with no intention of drinking it. Leaving it open in a bowl where I can catch a whiff of the aroma through the house was good enough for me! I have tried it with fresh unground coffee beans, and had superb results from that too. You can’t say enough about freshening the air in your home the natural way! I know a solid air purification system would work really well to get my home cleaned out through a proven system, but that’s also a much more expensive route – one I’ll save for if I ever have mildew, mold or other chronic odors.


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