My aunt is legitimately tied up these afternoons with so several critters

My aunt has been the nicest person for as long as I can remember, then she has a passion for life that is contagious plus she consistently loves critters, but i thought it was crazy back when she had 2 dogs plus 3 cats.

  • I was thinking it had to be tough to keep up with the air filter changes for the Heating plus Air Conditioning plus things like that.

It’s just not easy feeding so several critters, keeping them clean, plus making sure they get enough exercise, and well, I was shocked when I l received that she went from having that amount of critters to 3 dogs plus 12 cats. I don’t feel how in the world she is taking care of so several cats. She said she took in some strays plus couldn’t get them fixed in time before they had kittens. She said she got all of them fixed now, however there are so several cats. I asked her why she didn’t just let people adopt some of the cats, plus she said she tried that however she grew an affixment. She just couldn’t bring herself to let go of any of them because they all had a name plus they all had unique personalities. I asked her how often she had to change her air filters plus she said once per week. I thought that was insane. I have air filters in our beach house that only need to be changed once per 3 months, plus she has to do weekly changes? On top of all that, she has to stay on top of the cat box cleaning weekly plus feeding all these cats. I don’t feel how she does it, however those critters absolutely keep her busy.

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