My aunt is quite the handyman

I had an aunt who was a sort of handyman and odd job finder.

She would do just about anything and could do it well.

That woman passed up a number of well paying, full time jobs so she could be free to do her own thing. My aunt consistently told myself and others that she found what she did to be far more interesting because it was usually something unpredictable each day. She lived in an old trailer with no real HVAC. But, she was 1 of the happiest people I have ever come across. My life is much different, I have a career that I spent a lot of money on an education to get. Then, my apartment has all the current bells and whistles as well as state of the art HVAC. I am the farthest thing from a handyman. It’s just not a skill set I possess. As fate would have it, I rely on a local handyman to do all our household projects and repairs. This woman reminds me of our aunt in her joy of life. I just like being around her because she is so positive. Often, when she is finishing up, we’ll chat and have a few drinks as we enjoy the HVAC in the living room. Similar to my aunt, this lady can do just about anything and do it undoubtedly well. So, it was quite surprising the first time I asked for her assistance and she refused. The HVAC was acting odd so I asked her to have a look. Not only did she refuse, but she was firm in her explanation. An HVAC is something that only trained, certified professionals should attempt to repair.

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