My aunt wasn't worried about the rats at all

For many years my aunt lived outside of town on her own.

My cousins were extremely grown and working near the college.

My mom wanted us to visit her at her birthday and so all of us decided that we would make some cakes and pie and have dad drive us over for a visit. She was extremely careful to see all of us since it was a day before her birthday. After having lots of greetings, small talk, and some cake, all of us settled in and started our chat. After several minutes, each of us began to hear some sounds that seems to come from the ducting. Everyone of us thought that the noises sounded like animals crawling around in the ductwork. My aunt said those were the rats that were in the Attic plus she didn’t seem at all worried about the problem. My mom and dad were certainly concerned and decided to take it upon themselves to check the ductwork for problems. The experts found numerous gaps in my aunt’s AC ductwork and knew the rats were in the air ventilation system. They were forced to clean the ductwork and eliminate nests and also caught large rats. After all of the animals were gone the heating and cooling company sealed up the gaps and added some additional insulation in the areas where the rats seem to cause problems. Even though she wasn’t concerned in the beginning, she was certainly happy that she had the project taken care of.