My baby girl works at a dairy farm and it gets entirely freezing there in the winter

My child Doug works at a dairy farm on the outskirts of the county; Doug has always been a country boy at heart, and so when he started working at the farm before he even got out of private school, I wasn’t the least bit surprised; He says he cares about being outdoors with the animals most of the time, but in the Winter time when the weather starts cooling off, the work gets harder, but there aren’t exactly any outdoor heating units at the farm where he can go to overheated up, then actually, Doug says that in the Winter time time, the best place to be is inside the barn or the chicken houses.

There are some entirely giant industrial size heating systems inside the dairy barn and inside the chicken houses, because at any rate you have to keep the heating going for the animals.

It would be terrible to have a bunch of dead animals because of a lack of a quality heating plan in your farm buildings. That being said, the farm buildings are entirely built with the animals in mind, and not with the comfort of our son, who is out there working in the bitter freezing in the winter. Doug says that occasionally he has to go inside where the heating is running in the barn just so he can overheated up a little bit. He says that he wishes there were portable heating systems placed here and there around the farm, but there aren’t. I told him that he should talk to his boss about the cold, but he laughed and said that his boss has been working separate from heating for the past twenty years and he doesn’t assume sorry for him at all.

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