My bad accident while laboring as a Heating & Air Conditioning professional

I have had the same job most of my life! I work as a Heating & Air Conditioning professional for a oil furnace & a/c corporation in my town & most days are the same.

When it comes to Heating & Air Conditioning technology I can confidently say I’ve seen it all, and but last Friday changed everything for me, it started out as a normal boring day however after that I was sent out on a call to service a commercial broken a/c for a corporation nearby, again this wasn’t anything unusual, I would examine the a/c, see what the problem was, & then supply the parts to fix it! Now here is where it gets scary, the cooling unit was on the roof of the business, however heights didn’t scare myself and others & so I clambered on up there & began to inspect the a/c.

I had only just determined the problem with the commercial cooling system & I went to go & get more supplies. I climbed slowly over the roof & slipped; Everything was black. I woke up in a hospital. Apparently I took a pretty strenuous hit to the head & broke a leg, & I wouldn’t be doing any kind of a/c service service anytime soon, but luckily I was fine, I just needed lots of rest. I stayed in the hospital a few days before leaving. Being stuck at home wasn’t so bad, I got to stand around, eat good food & watch lots of TV. I started to think maybe I should have fallen off the roof sooner. Because of my injury my job provided myself and others paid time off.

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