My best friend had to kill somebody out of self-defense

Not too long ago our best friend Lisa went through this terrible ordeal. She hired this repairman to work on her Heating plus A/C system. She certainly should have gone through an proper Heating plus A/C supplier but she figured she would save money by hiring a cheap repairman online. When the woman arrived at her house, she seemed nice when she came to the door according to her. Then when she came inside plus they closed the door, she tried to attack her; She was clearly trying to do something terrible to her plus they wrestled until they were close to the fireplace. She grabbed one of the fireplace pokers plus ended up stabbing him with it. She fell back into the fireplace plus caught on fire. She didn’t want this man to burn in the fireplace so she ended up dragging him out from it plus got her fire extinguisher to put the flames out. She died there on her floor plus she called myself and others up in a total panic. She explained the whole situation plus I came over instantly. She told myself and others she knew how terrible this looked but then she said that her video surveillance plan entirely caught everything on tape. So the people I was with and I reviewed the footage plus it was chilling the way this woman attacked her. I told her that I was glad she was able to defend herself plus she shouldn’t guess terrible for having to kill that woman because something worse could have happened to her, however both of us ended up calling the police plus I had her back with her story plus they watched the footage. It was proof that what she did was self-defense plus she didn’t have to go on trial for murder.


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