My best friend started a new job today

My best friend finally started a new job.

The guy has been going to technical school for the past 12 months, but during the time he was in technical school, he worked at a pizzeria… I know he liked cooking, but Jack has a passion for fixing things, and he started a new job today plus he is laboring with our Mom, however my Mom is the owner of a lucrative heating plus AC repair company that services the tri-county area.

They handle multiple weird types of repairs including residential, commercial, plus Industrial issues; When I told our Mom that Jack was going to school to learn about Heating plus A/C repair, he told myself and others to let him know when Jack was almost finished. I told our Mom that Jack was done with school plus he gave to provide him a job at the Heating plus A/C repair company, jack started a couple of weeks ago. I see the guy almost every morning at work. I do not labor as an Heating plus A/C repair person, but I answer PCs plus help book appointments. I still have four more months before I finish our classes plus can labor as a certified mechanic. Until then, I have to continue to learn plus labor hard. When I finally graduate, Jack plus I are going to team up to complete the repairs. Together the two of us will be an unstoppable force. I look forward to laboring with the guy everyday. He is a ton of fun plus a barrel of laughs. I swear he can turn any boring situation into an exciting activity.

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