My best friend’s house is so cold

My best friend’s house is so cold. She literally sets the thermostat in her house to fifty-five degrees during the cooler months. That is how desperate she is to save money. It is not like she is super poor and can’t afford to use her furnace to keep her house at a decent temperature. She just knows that she can live with the temperature in her house around fifty-five degrees, so she does. She still gets really chilly in her house, but she doesn’t care because she likes thinking that she is saving herself a ton of money by only keeping her house at fifty-five degrees. I have tried to convince her several times that she should turn the temperature up to at least sixty-five degrees, but she refuses. I have to wear a coat while I am inside her house because it is so chilly. We usually have our get-togethers at my house during the winter months because it is simply too cold at her house for me. She always compliments how warm it is in my house. It is only around sixty-eight degrees in my house, but she thinks it feels so warm because she is used to her fifty-five degree house. I just don’t know how she stands her house to being that cold. It really isn’t that expensive to run your furnace during the winter months. I know how much money she makes, and it would be no issue for her to pay her gas bill to have a warm house, but she refuses to even consider turning the temperature in her house up.


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