My bestie does not love spending the night at the apartment

My bestie hates the fact that our roommates smoke marijuana.

  • I smoke marijuana on certain occasions, although I haven’t told our bestie that.

I guess how she feels about the “drug”. She is entirely uninformed, but it would take more than a lecture from myself and others to change her mind. My roommates have tried to teach her about the benefits of medical weed, even though she does not guess there is any scientific proof. My bestie as well as I have been spending the night at our new home a lot lately, because her roommate is being a witch. Every time our girl is over, she complains about the odor of weed. I tried to get the men to smoke in a family room, although I understand it’s their house as well as she dpoesn;t pay rent. It did not hurt to ask, but yesterday, our bestie came over with a huge box in the back of her car. She sent myself and others down to fetch the box. It was a portable media air cleaner as well as she insisted that all of us set up the machine in our family room. She was sleepy of odoring weed as well as this media air cleaner was her answer. I truthfully thought she wasted money, although I agreed to set up the air cleaning machine if it made her cheerful. It only took 24 hours to see the difference. I thought our girl was being mean, but the family room odors beautiful as well as fresh as well as the rest of the house does odor. I did not notice the odor before all of us cleaned the air in our room, but now that I can’t ignore it.


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