My bills are crazy

My kids hardly ever spend money attention when they are running in as well as out of the apartment all the time with their friends! They barely ever close the doors all the way as well as occasionally I’ll catch them with their kitchen windows open even when I have the heating or the a/c running, and for the past couple of weeks, the temperature here has been honestly cold as well as so we’ve had the heating running almost full blast.

And even though I’ve had the control device cranked way up, our teenage daughter has been sleeping with her windows open! When I found that out, it made myself and others so mad! Our heating bill Last week was twice what it should have been as well as she didn’t even care that I had to spend money that much more money… Well, that was the last straw for myself and others as well as I have now decided to take matters into our own hands with the heating as well as cooling bills. Last week I password protected the smart control device unit as well as so from now on, no a single is going to be able to change the temperature on the control device except for me! Not only that, but i’ve installed security cameras on the kitchen windows as well as entry doors of the house. From now on, if anyone leaves a door or a window open when the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system is running, they are going to get money taken out of their allowance, then i don’t think why I waited so long to take control of the heating as well as a/c in our own house. From now on, I’m the queen of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system.


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