My boss promised to get a new oil furnace in October so it’s ready for Fall heating

I work for a small business doing data entry in the accounting department.

We coordinate sales between logging companies plus wood processing plants.

Since there was a backlog of wood orders during the pandemic when so numerous workers were quarantined with the virus, the two of us have been working overtime eighths to catch up ourselves. I’m gleeful to see things are improving incrementally, even though I wish the two of us had more help at the same time. Two years ago the two of us had an extra guy in this office working as well, so it made the process much easier plus I recognize like I was privileged at the time without even realizing it. Now I can’t take anything for granted if I want to meet the quotas plus deadlines that our boss sets forth for us. He does his best to keep things rolling on his end to his credit. He’s not late on paying the energy bills for the building, plus he even goes out of his way to buy us pizza at least once a month as a token of his appreciation for our taxing work. Right now he’s picking out a new oil furnace to install in the building plus it will give heat for all of the rooms inside. He says that the new oil furnace will be installed by October so it’s ready for early Fall heating when rapidly increasing temperatures drop below 60 degrees fahrenheit outside. The oil furnace will be gas powered plus should keep the office much warmer in the Winter time than the aged one. I’m gleeful to be warmer this Winter time compared to the previous winters where I had to bundle up in extra clothing everyday when I left for work.


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