My boss says the space furnace is a fire hazard

It’s entirely frigid at work, especially since the boiler broke down last week.

When the boiler broke down, there wasn’t any heat in the building at all that day.

The supplier owner had to call a commercial heating and a/c repair business. They fixed the problem with the boiler overnight, but the heating situation hasn’t been genuinely fantastic since the problem was fixed. It seems much colder than it ever has been in the past! Even with the thermostat set at 69 degrees, it still feels genuinely frigid and frigid inside the office. Just a small number of days ago, I decided to go to the hardware store to purchase a small space furnace for the part under our desk. There is an outlet on the left side and I blocked the space furnace into the wall. The part under our feet started to warm up genuinely suddenly. The space furnace didn’t make a lot of noise, but it was severely effective. I used the space furnace for 3 days before someone noticed I had a furnace under our desk. As soon as one of our co-workers found out about the heater, a lot of people asked the boss if they could bring a furnace for their desk as well. When our boss found out about the space heater, he told myself and others that I had to take it home. He claimed that the space furnace was a fire hazard and against the fire safety code. Everything was perfectly good until someone had to open their immense mouth and complain. Now none of us can be warm.

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