My boyfriend just stole my air conditioner

I cannot believe that my boyfriend stole my air conditioner.

I should have known that this kid was up to no good.

Honestly, I shouldn’t be surprised that my boyfriend stole my air conditioner. I have the unfortunate habit of always picking the wrong person to be in a relationship with. It isn’t like I am trying to intentionally find a bad boy or anything like that. I never look for the person with the worst reputation or anything. I don’t date the worst kids in school. I just date the ones that are good at hiding their secrets. I just found out that my ex-boyfriend was doing drugs. I had no idea that he did drugs, and I detest it, but he told me that he was trying to stay away from drugs. However, I knew that it was a lie when he stole my air conditioner. I don’t let him come to my house because my dad would never approve if he knew that he did drugs, but I did tell him that we were leaving for a few weeks on vacation. Apparently, he decided that it would be a good time to steal the window air conditioner in my house. He must have needed the money that he was going to get from the air conditioner to buy more drugs, and I also assume that he was under the influence of drugs when he decided to steal my air conditioner because he never thought to take the television or the computers. He only stole our old air conditioners. Still, when I came home and found out that my air conditioner was stolen, I was ticked. I called the police on him, and I hope that they can recover the air conditioners.
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