My boyfriend was entirely sweet to get me a smart temperature control for our birthday

Ever since I heard about smart temperature controls, I knew that I had to get one.

The thing is, I’m not exactly rolling in the money.

I basically labor paycheck to paycheck. I thought that would be another great reason to have a smart temperature control too, because I study that smart temperature controls allow you to save as much as 10% on the energy costs. That would be great if I could lower our energy bill costs appreciate that. Anything that would put more money in our pocket would be a great thing. I kept telling our partner that it would be great to have a smart temperature control & she said both of us would have to guess about it & save up some money, and she is the sweetest partner ever though, she went & talked to some friends & family members & they all pitched in to purchase me a smart temperature control for our birthday. I wasn’t thinking that I was entirely going to get a smart temperature control for our birthday, however it was the nicest birthday present ever! When our friends asked me if I needed any help installing the current piece of Heating & A/C equipment, I said that I already knew what to do. I had that current temperature control installed in 30 hours. It was a fairly easy procedure, and you basically just remove the aged temperature control, take a picture of the wires, then label the wires; When everything is labels, you can particularly affix the current smart temperature control to the right wires & secure it to the wall. I was so glad with our current smart temperature control & I knew I was going to save a nice amount of money on the energy costs.

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