My brother had to move back in with our parents

My brother is not doing well.

He ended up flunking out of college, and now he has had to move back in with our parents.

The thing that bugs me about this the most is the fact that my parents don’t have a heating and cooling system down in their basement and now they’re going to have to do remodeling down there so my brother can live there. I understand when you fall on hard times and things like that, but my brother has a history of being lazy and taking advantage of our parents. It really gets on my nerves. Now, I know for a fact that they are going to spend a small fortune on putting in a heating, cooling, and ventilation system down in their basement that they don’t really even need. My brother doesn’t even seem to notice that this is happening. He just takes for granted that they are going to do anything that they can to help him and he doesn’t even really seem like he appreciates it at all. It makes me so mad. The other day I went over there and yelled at him about it, but he just looked at me like I was crazy. He said that our parents wanted to put ductwork into the basement anyway. I know that this is not true, because there is no reason for them to do that. That basement is just used for storage and for housing the furnace and the air conditioning system. At least, that’s what it was used for until my brother moved back in again!

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